Heart & Hands Wine company is committed to making distinctive wines, and believes that high quality, premium wine begins in the vineyard.  We have partnered with several premier winegrowers including Hobbit Hollow Farm, Patrician Verona Vineyards and Nutt Road Vineyards.  These grower relationships with are integral to maintaining consistent quality and excellence vintage after vintage.


Early in the growing season, the emerging buds on the vine are shoot thinned to ensure proper fruit set.  Sustainable viticultural methods are practiced throughout the year, creating a greater balance for the vine and surrounding ecosystem.  At veraison, leaf pulling is performed to expose the clusters to the sunlight, maximizing the potential for proper ripening.  Additionally, unripe clusters are removed to enable the vines to redirect energy to the primary fruit zone.  Once the fruit has achieved proper intensity, the individual grape clusters are hand picked to ensure gentle handling.  After hand picking, the grapes are transferred to the winemaking team, who begin the tasks necessary to preserve the pure essence of the fruit.