Our Wines

our wines filmstripWe believe that great wine begins in the vineyard.  By working with talented and experienced growers, we are able to control yields and maintain high levels of quality.  Performing tasks such as shoot thinning, green harvesting (removing unripe clusters) and field sorting ensures that the vine carries its energy to only the best fruit.  Throughout the spring and summer, we make frequent vineyard site visits to monitor ripening and evaluate the development of flavor intensity.  As autumn approaches, we work with the growers on a daily basis to determine the most optimal time for harvest.

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Once the grapes are ready for harvest, they are gently hand-picked early in the morning and brought into the winery in small vineyard baskets. Our loyal crew of family and friends help us inspect and sort each grape cluster - placing only the best clusters into the fermentation bin and discarding any suspect clusters to the compost pile.  The Riesling is pressed and fermented in stainless steel and begins a long, cool fermentation which lasts several weeks.  The Pinot Noir ferments in one ton bins for upwards of two weeks before being basket-pressed.  The wines are moved gently by gravity throughout the winery in order to preserve flavor and aromatics.  The Pinot Noir rests in French Oak barrels for 12 to 18 months before bottling.   The result is wine of uncompromising quality and consistency.  Our philosophy is to capture the natural vineyard terroir when hand-crafting our Pinot Noir. This ensures the true expression of our unique vineyard sites shines through when the wines are enjoyed.