The Nature of the Vineyard

Posted by Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins
Owner, Winemaker, Vineyard Manager & CTO (Chief Troublemaking Officer)
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on Sunday, July 01, 2012 in Vineyard


altAs summer progresses, we now have beautiful, full vineyard canopies.  The abundance of shoots and leaves provide the perfect cover to camouflage the a bird nest. Our lower block has been graced with the presence of two sets of robin nests which are each bearing two eggs. As a child, I was always reminded to let nature be unless it is negatively impacting you.


As you might imagine, having birds this close to the grapes could be a serious nuisance.    However, robins are not our greatest predator (starlings are quite another story!).


Later this season, we will put up netting in the fruit zone to protect the grapes from animal pressures. With the location of these nest, we would be "netting in" the robin family instead of keeping them out.


As a result, I have marked the locations of these nests and we will wait for the young birds to hatch and take flight before discarding the nests.


Owner, Winemaker, Vineyard Manager & CTO (Chief Troublemaking Officer)